Prevention & treatment

When it comes to the issue of burnout, something important should be kept in mind: external pressures are not the only risk factors. Our own attitude also influences how great the danger is. Personal character traits which contribute to burnout include things such as an exaggerated sense of obligation, an inability to say no, misplaced ambition, perfectionism or underestimating our own needs. Effective burnout prevention should always start with a critical look at ourselves and with identifying these points. That helps us set priorities at home and at work, set limits and define achievable goals more clearly.

Being mindful and active as you go about your everyday life is an effective way of helping to prevent burnout. The following tips can be recommended as especially helpful measures. They promote a healthy lifestyle and regular phases of relaxation ― important steps in warding off burnout.

Herbal efficacy that prevents burnout

The symptoms of stress and exhaustion which can ultimately lead to burnout can be treated effectively. One widely recommended approach is the use of herbal substances which help you stay in control, mentally and physically. The medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea, which Vitango® is based upon, has been especially efficacious in doing so. Vitango® is an innovative natural product that has a unique dual action on the mental and physical symptoms of stress. It reduces the release of stress hormones while simultaneously boosting the energy metabolism. This is how Vitango® increases the ability to cope with persistent stress and to overcome exhaustion.