Sports & relaxation

One of the most effective ways of dealing with stress is actively and physically getting away from it as often as possible. The idea is to interrupt the constant awareness of the stress that is present: there should be a particular time in which it doesn't affect you.

There are several different kinds of physical activities and relaxation techniques to choose from which help you relax when you are stressed. What matters most is finding the one that feels right for you. After all, sports and relaxation should not be an additional chore ― they should be a welcome chance to wind down.

Physical activity gives you a break from stress

Being physically active distracts you and lets you relax your mind. If you jog, ride your bicycle or swim, you will quickly notice that your thoughts will turn off all by themselves within a short time. This quiets down the stress that is otherwise constantly present, giving you a reprieve from it troubling you.

  • Developed by the American physician Edmund Jacobson, this approach involves deliberately making the muscles tense, maintaining the tension and then deliberately releasing it. The objective is to create a mindful state of deep relaxation which will in turn help you learn to feel better in your own skin.

  • Meditation exercises are designed to help you become aware of yourself in the here and now and to let your thoughts wander without attempting to follow them. The exercises help the mind calm down by concentrating on the body and sensory perceptions, and they can be done anywhere.

  • Originating in India, yoga is a holistic philosophy which aspires to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony with each other. To achieve this, asanas (body positions) are combined with deep relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation. In addition to its calming and centring effect, yoga also promotes stamina, balance, muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Qi Gong is a blend of movements, concentration and meditation which balances the body and soul, supporting our life energy. Flowing movements and mental images such as "the crane spreads its wings" help you focus on the body, make breathing more natural and allow inner peace to develop.