Keeping control in times of stress

During phases of intense stress, energy and concentration can fade faster than usual. At the same time, inner tension and irritability increase. When this happens, we cannot manage tasks and handle challenges the way we want to. To prevent this from becoming a problem, two things are critical: we have to be able to overcome exhaustion more easily and break down inner tension in such a way that we stay on top of things and keep performing at our usual levels. Vitango® helps make this possible.

Vitango® is an innovative natural product with a unique dual action on the mental and physical symptoms of stress. Its remarkable double effect comes from an extract of the medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea.

  • Inner tension is reduced

  • Physical energy is generated

This is how Vitango® allows you to keep control during the stress and high pressure in your everyday and work life, giving you the right kind of energy to the demands you face.